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Slag Cement

Overview of Slag Cement

Slag cement commonly refers to the ground granulated blast-furnace slag, or GGBFS. It is a hydraulic cement that works synergistically with Portland cement to improve the strength and durability of concrete pavements. Slag is a byproduct of processing iron ore to iron and steel in a blast furnace. Molten slag, which floats on the top of the molten iron ore, is separated and granulated. Granulation is the rapid quenching with water of the molten slag into solid, hydraulically reactive glassy granules. These granules are then ground to a suitable fineness to produce slag cement or to incorporate as an ingredient in the manufacture of blended cements.

Market Prospect of Slag Cement

The last several years have seen particularly strong growth in the use of slag cement in the world. One reason for its growing popularity is the advances in production that has occurred in the last decade. In addition, terminal capacity expansion has increased significantly in recent years. Slag cement is no longer considered a specialty product and is instead a commonly used material. Thirdly, the whole world calls for recycling economy and low carbon life, which urges our industry to protect the environment and economize on all kinds of resource. Therefore, recycling the slag cement is a new way of low carbon development, and getting the realized profit. It is no wonder that more and more businessmen come to China to order slag cement processing plants, which have a higher ratio of performance and price than those of other countries.

Slag Cement Processing Plant

Nowadays, there are varied kinds of slag cement processing plant, Slag Cement processing plant. On the whole, slag cement processing plants can be divided into two types, including the crushing plants and grinding plants. As for the crushing plants, they include the jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher, etc. And grinding plants include the ball mill, vertical roller mill, and Trapezium mill, etc.

Supplier of Slag Cement Processing Plant

As a professional manufacturer of cement plant, Zenith has maintained the leading position in the global cement industry for years. Now we able to design and produce all kinds of slag cement processing plant and other auxiliary equipment. If you are eager to change your cement equipment or find efficient cement plants, please contact us! In addition, Zenith are able to install the whole cement production line, make trainings for worker and offer technical support for cement enterprises. We believe that Zenith can help you realize your success in your business.

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